At The Junior Magazine Design Awards 2019

At The Junior Magazine Design Awards 2019

Tina Morgan and Berrin Marsh at the Junior Design Awards

Launching our sustainable fashion company a year ago seems like a lifetime. Berrin and I met the day our children started nursery school. When they went to University we set to work - choosing fabrics, designing clothes, setting up manufacturing, building the website, sourcing environmentally conscious packaging and tackling social media. There were many challenges.

One year later and we are at the Junior Design Awards 2019. It feels a like a cross between the Oscars and Charlie's Golden Ticket as we are handed a gold envelope on arrival.  We tear it open expectantly to find that we have been given a Silver Award for Best Children's Eco Fashion Brand for our Like Mama Collection. We are simply thrilled. 

The publisher's smart headquarters in London is festooned with balloons. The mimosas are flowing and there is a common buzz of people who are passionate about what they do. We are rubbing shoulders with companies making toys from recycled material, books for future adventurers, merino wool sleeping bags, kits to keep the kids quiet on journeys and smart hotels to rejuvenate parents whilst the children are entertained. The legendary Annabel Karmel, queen of junior nutrition and how to tempt budding taste-buds, is there. Perhaps she is responsible for my daughter eating just about anything.

A talented lady and a new mum sings about being pregnant and wondering what sort of mother she will make. Her own mother has given it a harsh critique, but we love it. The Editor, Bonita Turner, makes a rousing speech telling us to look online and read the judges' comments about our products. They make us glow with pride. 

The award is the perfect end to our first year and start of our second. The memory of all the technological frustrations vanish and we think that maybe, just maybe we are on the right track.  Once again we have an infant in our arms who we hope will have a very bright future. 

tina morgan and berrin marsh at the Junior Design Awards