Sustainable Fabric Sourcing

Atelier MorganMarsh is committed to producing clothes ethically and sourcing sustainable fabrics.


Our cotton velvet is from M. Chapman & Sons, a family business, started in Manchester in 1869, by one of the original ancestors of the current Managing Director.

In the early years of trading the company merchanted cotton fabrics from all over the world and still retains some of the original design books with patterns of the early fabrics sold.

sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics


Our silk is from Bennetts Silk, founded in 1904 by William Henry Bennett in Manchester, the heart of Britain's Textile Industry.

Having started out as an agent for many types of fabrics, primarily for the clothing industry, the company rapidly expanded and decided to deal only in top quality fabrics, of which silk was the obvious choice. William Henry Bennett became one of the twentieth century’s first Englishmen to establish trade links with the Chinese Silk Fabrics Industry, links which are still strong today.

The company is still entirely in the Bennett family's hands, run by William Henry Bennett's great grandsons Mike and Chris.


Our Tweed is from Texmoda Tessuti in Italy.  Conscious of how important it is to eliminate all the dangerous substances from the production cycle they took part in GREENPEACE’s DETOX Project.

Texmoda makes use of regenerated wools and cotton to lower the environmental impact on its productions. In addition, they select third part suppliers who are sensitive to environmental issues, especially ensuring the finishing process is completed in an eco-friendly way.

Texmoda is highly concerned about water wastes and discharges and use of chemicals, as well as acting on energy saving with Led lighting system, and textile machinery with inverter’s-controlled engines. The whole finishing plant is working with a water saving and water recycling system.

The Prato district uses an innovative and efficient depuration plant that handles the re-entering of water through a dedicated industrial aqueduct. Texmoda aims to be able to re-use around 30% of the necessary water requirement for our wet processes with the future plan to increase this percentage in the next few years.

 sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics

sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics


Our luxury fine all wool crepe is from Graham Smith Fabrics, a family run textile merchant based in Yorkshire, established in 1988. The fabric is dyed and finished locally in Yorkshire.

sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics


Our cotton print for the children’s collection, “Like Mama” is made by Spanish textile company, Kequco. They own more than 300 patents in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world, including the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certification.

Their team consists of professionals from different sectors of the textile industry, from the segment of weaving, dyeing, printing, finishing and marketing.

The company has a special sensitivity to the care of the environment and sustainable production.

sustainable and environmentally conscious fabrics